2D virtual World - Min Jik

Virtual World 2D - Min Jik Cho

General Uses
Uses were generally printing and drawing technology such as advertising and technical drawing.
Image is not just a representation of a real-world object but an independent artifact with added semantic value.
2d models are preferred because they give more direct control of the image than 3d computer graphics.
2D graphic models combine geometric models, digital images, text to be typeset, mathematical functions, and etc..
2D softwares
Many graphic user interfaces are based on 2D Virtual World
-Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, X Window System, and etc..
- User interface within individual software applications is typically 2d
in nature as well.
- Most common input devices like mouse are constrained to two
dimensional movement.
-2D graphic editors are very important in the control peripherals such as printers, plotters, sheet cutting machines.
-Also used in early video games such as Mario Bros, PacMan Solitaire, and chess
2D Hardwares
2d graphic hardware- 2d graphic chips and graphic processing units of the late 1970s to 1980s, used in 8 bit to early 16bit, arcade games, video game console, and home computers.
Example- Texas Instrument
2D Animations
2d animation- issue with labor requirements. Software like Adobe nowadays can finish coloring and compositing faster.
Decline of 2D ERA
At the end of 16-bit ERA
-Some of very successful platforms were created but the release of new hardware caused customers’ attention to gradually shift away from 2d Game.
1. Strength
Cost less to produce
Some softwares and hardwares that are 2D virtual World based are familar to people
2. Weakness
2d computer graphics do not provide for three- dimensional shapes, or three- dimensional optical phenomena such as lighting, shadows, reflection, and etc…

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