Adam's Case Study

Across Air

Across Air is an Augmented reality browser in the form of a 3D navigator who's aim is to help you reach your location easily. Simply hold your smartphone upright and look around with your camera to view restaurants, hotels, landmarks, cinemas and other geotagged entries, even though you cannot see them yourself (kind of like x-ray vision). You can even hold it horizontally to switch to Google Maps to show your position and pin it to view it later, or simply screenshot the Google Maps page and use the image to conserve battery power.
It has recently integrated Facebook, Twitter and Flickr let you share and store location photos.


Platform: iOS

Through personal use, I can say that this is a very smooth running Augmented Reality App, where it is common for AR Apps running on iOS to be slow with the real-time updating, I have had no trouble using this at home in New York City. It allows you to use a search filter from anything to streets, to a specific coffee shop, and even a more recent addition which was "psychics".
At the moment it is a free App, but I believe that with increasing popularity of this App, and Augmented Reality in general it will transition into a paid service especially once it starts including advertising and being commercial.

One downfall that the App has, is that it is only useful in large cities as it has not mapped small cities and less popular locations even in the United States. Another thing is that it is very data heavy, and will use a huge amount of data in a short period of usage which is why connecting to a wifi network is recommended.