Brandt Case Study- Gm's Enhanced Vision System


Cars are the Main form of transportation of people in America , also one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. At GM they have developed an AR system that provides real time analysis of dangers, and road conditions which are displayed to the user via projected onto the windshield.The system will manipulate cameras, sensors and projection technologies for integration into their products. The technology highlights information such as Signs or Turns Up ahead and draws attention to the information with lines or boxes of light. The system also has a concept that will analyze the direction of the users eyes and will analyze dangers that may not be seen. Drivers will have additional assistance while driving which will hopefully lead to safer driving habits.

This technological advancement has the potential to save human lives. The more information given about the situation means driver will be able to make better decisions about road conditions and other factors. This system is innovative and is a step towards automation of a task that would make it safer and more accessible.