Brandt's Individual Project RSS



idea created in 1995 by Ramanthan V. Guha in apple's advance technology group known as Meta Content Framework. Idea developed into RSS by Dan Libby for the company Netscape. Many updates have brought us today's service


Many of us have seen the familiar Icon on the right as we check our news, blogs, or updated on the various information as it moves across the web. What we as users consider important in the delivery of the information is that it is received quickly and reliably.
RSS is a web feed system that, in short checks the servers of websites and offers links, or information so the user does not have to constantly check said pages.
This action is known as Syndication which is a means of spreading information across the web.
How do I use it? RSS requires users to subscribe to feeds , multiple feeds are called an aggregator. Once subscribed websites restructure the information So it is compatible in RSS for efficient and convenient consumption of information

Technical Aspects

RSS is written in xml (eXtensible Markup Language) code. xml is the code of choice due to its simplicity and large scale compatibility. derived from Unicode which is the national standard for coding.
A key aspect of xml are Schema. a Schema describes the xml document specifically the structure. This dictates the order of the code, Boolean Predicates ( true false statements) used for batch organization of objects, and the data types.
This means that xml documents must follow the Schema to be confirmed as xml. this approval is called Validation and a key component is that the code be "well formed"
This process is important to xml because its mobility is a key component of the language, and it must be formatted properly to work in the various applications and systems it operates in.