What is Social Bookmarking?

  • Bookmarking→ Saving a website or page onto your computer’s history that you wish to view later
  • Social Bookmarking is the act of saving bookmarked websites to a public website

*Sorted through tagged keywords

  • Updates users on content changes within saved websites

- 7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking

  • Created by Joshua Schachter, creator of GeoURL and co-creator of Memepool
  • Largest social bookmarking website on the internet
  • - Free Membership (email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Ability to share bookmarks with others
  • Ability to make bookmarks private
  • Organize bookmarks into different lists
  • Subscribe to other users’ lists and bookmarks
  • 8 Reasons to use Delicious
  • Source code of the site is not available
  • User can download his or her own data through the site's API in an XML or JSON format
  • Export it to a standard Netscape bookmarks format


  • Launched 2003
  • Started out as a link blog that was composed from a text file
  • Originally acquired by Yahoo! in 2005
  • Acquired by AVOS Systems in April 2011


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