Google Analytics- Alp Aziz

Google Analytics by Alp Aziz

It's a analytics program meant for companies, to track and gather online data of it's clientele. See before salesmen used to be able to interact with their clientele; they used to be able to know the client. However, nowadays the clients are online, and the companies aren't able to take a look at their clients or know their preferences, or trends; this is where GA (Google Analytics) comes in play.

Internet Market;

-2.7 billion internet users.
-400 million tweets per day.
-$224 billion from E-commerce.
-4 billion videos watched on Youtube per day.

A big market!


GA allows you to take Access of your clientele, and all their raw data.

-Google Tag Manager (GTM); helps place dynamic tags across all properties, without even touching the HTML.
-User-Centric View; each user gets his/her own unique user ID, which can be used to track them as they scroll through a companies website through GA.
-Account & Employee Access Management API; gives programmatic control to employees of a company.


Once you have access to all the raw data, GA allows you to make the best use of it

-An overall overview of ABC (Raw Data); Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions.
-Unified Segment Tool; allows the user to segment all the data about the company's clientele, the way he/she wants to.
-Audience Data and Reporting; lets the company know demographics of it's users (age, sex, location, etc.). Even interests are recorded and displayed.


Ones you have Access and are Empowered, it's time to take action, and cater to your clientele.

-Google Analytics Remarketing; segment users, find a target clientele and market to their needs. Find an age group for example, track their activity in the site (trends) and make use of that knowledge to get more of a clientele in that age group.

GA's Competitors?;