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How does it work?
The globe-imaging software Google Earth has become a cult web product since its release. Using the web-based tool, users can fly around the globe and zoom in on both natural features and whole worlds of information

If you have used Street View, you know that Google has created a system where, about every 20 feet, they make a 360 degree panorama available for most of the streets in a given city. They create these panoramas using special cars. The cars have a pole on top containing the cameras. As the cars drive through the city, the cameras take the photos automatically. These photos are converted into thousands of little panoramas and loaded onto Google’s servers for you to see.

How is it used

Google Earth can be used to view areas subjected to widespread disasters if Google supplies up-to-date images.

With Google's push for the inclusion of Google Earth in the Classroom, teachers are adopting

Google Earth in the classroom for lesson planning, such as teaching students geographical themes (location, culture, characteristics, human interaction, and movement)

One can explore and place location bookmarks on the Moon and Mars.

One can also get directions using Google Earth, using variables such as street names, cities, and establishments. But the addresses must by typed in search field, one can't simply click on two spots on the map.

Google Earth can also function as a hub of knowledge, pertaining the users location. By enabling certain options, one can see the location of gas stations, restaurants, museums, and other public establishments in their area.

One can create custom image overlays for planning trips, hikes on handheld GPS units.

Google Earth can be used to map homes and select a random sample for research in developing countries.