AR Glasses - Michael's Case Study


Augmented Reality Glasses have been a concept since the beginning of AR. After all, The Sword of Damocles was a head mounted gaming system that used binoculars. Glasses seem to be the most obvious way to create an immersive AR experience. In the contemporary tech world, products such as Google Glass have been developing largely in secrecy over the past few years. With an original release date of late 2012, this product is still only available to a select few "Explorers" that Google hand picks. Basic design specifications for Sony's own smart glasses were just recently leaked to the public. In addition, many projects on websites such as Kickstarter have launched into the public eye.

Modern Examples

Google Glass is the most prominent example of AR Glasses today. It is a simple, lightweight, unobtrusive example of AR Glasses that weighs less than many pairs of sunglasses. The basic idea is to have a HUD accessible to a smartphone user that they can interact with using a few buttons and voice commands.
Sony's smartglasses are an enigma in the tech world right now. A basic sketch of the design is available that reveals it is intended to be smartphone connected, but little about the software is known.
AR contact lenses are in development for the military, as well.