What is Quora?

Quora is a free question and answer website operated largely by its community of users. Founded in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, two ex-Facebook employees, Quora has been available to the public since 2010.1 Quora has been compared to Wikipedia for its community emphasis.2 Quora is available through web browsers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Who owns it?

Quora is an independent company, and continues to be a private one, despite rumors of high acquisition offers.3 Currently, there are 72 employees working for Quora, although the company is actively seeking at least 10 additional employees.4

What Does it Do, How Does it Work?

Quora is a question and answer website, where a user will pose a question of his or her choice to the Quora community, and get answers from the Quora community.5 Unlike other 'ask' products, Quora as tried hard to include a certain amount of accountability to both its questions and answers. Community members can mark questions or answers as 'unclear' or 'misleading', which will limit the distribution of the question until the problem is rectified or dismissed. Addtionally, there is a voting feature, which allows all community members to upvote or downvote the submission, thereby dissuading others from reading.

Each user is given a user profile, where their contributions to the Quora community is displayed.

What are its Strengths and Weaknesses?


*Many layers of accountability
*Smaller community subsections
*Embedded blogging system
*Profiling system can measure reliability
*Still ad-free
*Post-following system


*Still not fully reliable
*Can be hard to get an answer without exposure
*Self-promotion is rampant
*There is no way to stop spam from being posted

What Platform Does it Run on?

The basic quora system is written in Python6 The database system is coded in MySQL. Much of the coding is done in the same style as Facebook.

Is there a cost for the user?

Currently, there is no cost to the user, and there are still no advertisement revenue, as venture capital pays for the site through 2015.

Are there Similar Tools Like Quora?

Yahoo! Answers, Ask Answers, and Wiki Answers all have similar Q&A structures, while Reddit and Facebook have similar feed and voting systems.

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