Ryan's Augmented Reality Case Study

Stella Artois - Le Bar Guide

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How does it work?

The Stella Artois Le Bar Guide is an application downloadable through Apple's iStore. Once downloaded and opened, the software takes advantage of the smartphone's camera to project images on to the real world in front of you. It uses this in combination with the smartphone's GPS hardware and MEMS sensors to create a digital compass that track where you are and where you are going in relation to places in the real world. Images are then projected on the screen of your smartphone in the form of "markers", each corresponding to a real world place, with accurate distances between you and nearby locations calculated by this combination of hardware.

How is it used?

This specific application is used to find nearby bars (specifically that serve Stella Artois in this case). You can then be guided to your chosen bar by relying completely on your smartphone's GPS. The location of the bar, and its distance from you, is updated on the screen in real time. There are multitudes of information about each bar visible to you on your screen (this is provided through services such as yelp), and you can sort/limit your results based on what type of bar you are looking for. You can even use the app to find nearby taxis. There is also a social hub to the application, allowing you to comment on each bar in a sort of public forum (to those who have the app). From Stella Artois' standpoint, this is a great marketing tool and shows you the advantages augmented reality can provide to advertising.