Springpad - Ryan Sherlock's Individual Project

What is it?

Springpad is a free note-taking app and web site that lets users save, organize, and share information and ideas. It acts as your personal assistant; all of your to-do lists are organized and collected in one place that travels with you on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can save and store things such as: images, videos, website, documents, music, places, recipes, books, shopping items, and much more. You can share your "springs" or notebooks easily online with your friends. You can also view, follow, and share other user's notebooks and springs. The idea is to bring together everything you're interested in or need to do so you don't forget. Your content is presented in a very pretty, interactive, and intuitive manner, making the app/site very fun and easy to use. Once you "spring" something, the site adds information such as where to find the book you are interested in and its price—in addition to links to other useful websites.

How to use it

To use Springpad, you can either download the free app or visit the Springpad website. From there, you create a free account, and then your notebooks. You can search the site for things you are interested in and add them to your collection that way, or you can simply click and add things you find interesting while browsing the web. Springpad syncs with a bunch of other web services including Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, and Google Chrome.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • app and website are free
  • it is accessible and syncs between your computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • accessible via website
  • very intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • very visually pleasing design
  • you can follow other people's notebooks including celebrities and publishers for ideas and inspiration
  • organize checklists for shopping and work
  • helps you easily click and store websites and images for later, so you don't forget
  • create and set reminders, due dates, events
  • has a smart organize feature that automatically reduces clutter, but you can also disable it and manually organize
  • you can upload files such as documents, music, and videos
  • adds information to things you spring—such as links to other useful sites, movie ticket prices, places near you to buy stuff
  • anything can be tagged for another layer of organization


  • there are MANY alternative options for organizers and note-taking apps, programs, and websites
  • reminds me a lot of pinterest
  • is very slow in some areas, a lot of complaints about slow upload times, especially for images
  • still some bugs, when creating new notebooks sometimes I would have to hard refresh for them to function and be accessible
  • not a lot of people use it currently, which limits how fun/useful it is to search through the site/app for notebooks/springs/interesting things
  • requires registration to use
  • in my opinion not enough to differentiate itself from other competing apps and programs