Twitter is an online platform that enables users to express through 140 character messages called tweets. It is a microblogging and social networking service that allow users to follow other people and can also post and view media, photos, and videos. Twitter users can send and read tweets, and it can be accessed via twitter website, SMS, or mobile device app.


Twitter was first created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass in March 2006 and was eventually launched in July 2006. The service became an instant hit, and it gained worldwide registered users with 500 million in 2012 who posted 340 million tweets per day. In 2013, Twitter was recognized as top ten most visited websites and is often referred to as the SMS of the Internet.

How to use Twitter

After signing up on the Twitter website, the users can post messages, pictures, videos, and media through their 140 character message box. The users can also track other Twitter users by following them which enables them to see what those users have posted on their Twitter page. Users can also "retweet" which is when a tweet is forwarded via Twitter by users and it can be tracked to see which ones are the most popular.

The term "trending" is often used in the Twitter word, and it refers to a word, a pharase, or a topic that is being tagged at a greater rate in comparison to other tags. It is initiated by users through mentioning the tagline and is called a "trending topic." Often times when a controversial issue has happened, it can be seen through the trending topics table in the Twitter website.

Uses in Society

Twitter has also been used for many different purposes and events throughout the world. For example, it has been used to organize protests, most notable use was during the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Twitter was used to enable communication with other protesters and facilitated them to organize their method, location, and details of the revolution via Twitter.

Twitter has also been used to raise awareness on a specific issue and to criticize someone. It is often referred to as "Twitter Revolution" and it is also called a "strategic weapon" that can be used in variety of ways to denounce and attack a specific topic or a person.

Perhaps the most surprising use of Twitter is its ability to be an effective emergency communication system. When a breaking news have happened, many news outlets use their Twitter accounts to relay the news, and uses the tags so that it would appear on the trending topics table. This enables Twitter users to observe what is happening around the world in a rapid fashion.

Similar Microblogging Platforms

Facebook, Weibo, Yammer, Goolgebuzz, tumblr, etc.

Twitter's Finance

Twitter is valued around 18 billion dollars as of 2012. Approximately 85% of the revenue generated by Twitter comes from the advertisement on their website.
Twitter is currently at $46.13 per share after it went public on November 2013. The initial share began at $26 per share but has risen instantly after it opened its market.