Virtual-worlds Min Jik's case study

Case Study: Virtual Reality Rehabilitation and Therapy (Min Jik Cho)


-How is it used?
-The use of virtual-reality technology in the areas of rehabilitation and therapy continues to grow, with encouraging results being reported for applications that address human physical, cognitive, and psychological functioning.
- First Use
- Dr. Max North is the pioneer of Virtual Reality Therapy

● Enhanced Ecological Validity
● Stimulus Control and Consistency
● Real-Time Performance Feedback
● Safe Testing and Training Environment
● Gaming Factors to Enhance Motivation

● Platform Compatibility
● Front-End Flexibility
● Back-End Data Extraction, Management, Analysis, Visualization
● The Interface Challenge 1: Interaction Methods
● The Interface Challenge 2: Wires and Displays

Potential and Future estimates
Virtually Better INC
-Larry hodges from Clemson University and Barbara from Emory
university have several patents and company.
United States Department of Defense
Funding Virtual reality therapy and is using VRT in treatment of Posttraumatic Stress disorder.

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