Woonson Kim Case Study

Woonson Kim's Case Study

How does it Work?

-Users of Virtual Worlds appear as an avatar in the virtual world: an avatar is a virtual representation of you (a ‘virtual ego’) which can take on any shape or form as you so wish.
Through giving the sense of another real ego, users may find strong attractiveness while playing.

-Many forms of approaches are possible within Virtual Worlds including fantasy, sport, historical and science fiction.
Especially, fantasy worlds is one of the most popular forms of this platform in which users perceive the three-dimensional world completely disconnected from the real world, thus giving a
sense of participating in a seemingly realistic environments. With virtual worlds, men appear as women and vice versa. Some people choose an animal as their alter ego.
Whatever you choose the aim is to socially interact with other people in new and exciting ways. This all adds to the experience.

- Communicating with other users can be done with:
* Texts
* Sound
* Graphical images & gesture

How is it used?

- The technology of Virtual Worlds is not only entertaining for those use play online role playing games such as 'World of Warcraft', 'League of Legends', and many others, but also helpful for
educational, gathering, and may other purposes. For the case of education, Virtual World can provide environments for people to attend a virtual lecture, discussion, exam, or lab in 3D. Not
surprisingly, this is already possible. Virtual worlds have clear advantages over traditional classroom settings.
The fact that Virtual Worlds are emerging as a meeting place for the most prestigious universities, non-profits, and academic institutions in the world proves that this technology can be used for
various purposes, and the convenience of our modern lives has arrived to the level once people only imagined for.

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