What is Yammer?

Yammer is a private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps1. Yammer is an enterprise collaboration. The site has been referred to as "Facebook for business2." It is free to anyone with a bushiness email address is intended for communication between coworkers within private companies. Users can share files, send messages, create groups, search for people, content, and files, and monitor activity throughout the company. Yammer is currently used by 200,000 companies and has over 8 million users. The company headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

Yammer was founded by David O. Sacks and Adam Pisoni and is a subsidiary of Microsoft.


Yammer was founded in September 2008. In June 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer and incorporated it into its Microsoft Office division.


The basic version of Yammer is free to its users. The site also allows for SharePoint and Office 365 integration, with plans starting at $4 per month. Microsoft already owns SharePoint, so the integration of the two networks should be very compatible. They also offer a mobile app for convenient, fast-paced communication.


There are several similar networks in competition with Yammer. These include


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